Pennsylvania Wind for Schools (K-12)

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About the Wind for Schools (WfS) Program

The Wind for Schools project, part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Exchange Program, was initiated to support wind energy education programs at universities as well as primary and secondary schools. By targeting students, the activities address major challenges for the wind energy industry as identified in DOE’s 20% Wind Energy by 2030 report: the need for a skilled workforce to support the expanded development and application of wind technologies. Launched in 2005, DOE’s Wind for Schools project now supported activities across 11 states.

PA KidWind Challenge

The PA WfS program hosts an annual KidWind Challenge for PA schools across the State.  For the last several years this has taken place at the HUB on the University Park Campus in roughly April.  You may find registration information here and details about how to prepare for the competition on this site.

Assistance Provided by the Program

The Pennsylvania WfS program currently provides guidance for schools interested in installing a wind turbine.  This guidance includes the following:

  • Siting considerations
    • Resources to determine if your school site is feasible for a wind turbine
  • Information about turbine installers
    • Names of installers who have worked with schools
  • Permitting:
    • We can help serve as resource of information throughout the permitting process.  Each locality in Pennsylvania (there are over 2000) may handle the permitting of wind energy differently so we rely on the schools to seek out their required local permitting process.
  • STEM Education resources
  • Assisting schools with the connection of their data to the Wind for Schools Portal called OpenEI, a developing national network of wind data, when possible (hardware dependent):

Note: this is NOT a grant program. Email if you have any questions.

The program has been funded through the Department of Energy since 2010.  The PA WfS program has assisted many schools in providing feasibility studies, teacher professional development programming, KidWind competitions, as well as working with several schools through the installation process of small wind turbines at their schools.  You can find more information about what we have done through these years in the following pages.

Information about Wind for Schools: