Penn State’s Department of Architecture hosted a symposium and workshop entitled Building-Integrated Wind Energy – Connecting Aesthetics and Performance on November 12th and 13th, 2010, in the LEED Gold-rated Stuckeman Family Building at University Park. Distinguished speakers were invited from Architecture (ZGF Architects), Wind Industry (AeroVironment, WindTamer) and Art (Michael Jantzen) with expertise in building integrated wind energy and simulation of wind conditions around buildings. On November 12th, the guest speakers presented their views on the integration of wind turbines in architecture (The recordings of the presentations are available upon request). On November 13th, students presented their designs for integrating wind energy in a Maritime Educational Centre at Lake Erie.


Students present their designs to the experts.

The symposium and workshop were organized by Ute Poerschke, Department of Architecture, Jelena Srebric, Department of Architectural Engineering, and Susan Stewart, Penn State Applied Research Laboratory. It was sponsored by The Stuckeman Collaborative Design Research Fund, The Penn State Sustainability Seed Grant Program, and The Raymond A. Bowers Program for Excellence in Design and Construction.

Guest Speakers:

  • Craig Briscoe, ZGF Architects, Portland
  • John Breshers, ZGF Architects, Portland
  • Michael Jantzen, Artist
  • Bill Schmitz, Windtamer Inc.
  • Tom Zambrano, AeroVironment Inc.

Presentation by John Breshears and Craig Briscoe, ZGF Architects, Portland.

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