Student Projects

Design of an exhibition and Educational Center at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Student: Daniel Boghean, Fall Semester2011, Instructor: Ute Poerschke

This project is an exhibition and education center for sustainability at the former Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA. Visual impressions from the naval yard as well as high visibility of sustainability elements have guided the project. The “wing” of the building acts as the sustainability core which houses systems such as solar panels and wind turbines as integral parts of the building. The wind turbines are housed in the center of the wing (made from recycled steel) and act not only as a sustainability measure but as a large beacon for the┬ásustainability┬ácenter that can be seen throughout the naval yard and from the opposite bank of the Delaware River.


View from South Shore


Context of Design in the old Philadelphia Navy Yard, Main Wind Directions


Section and Floor Plans

Reviving Erie Waterfront: Design of a Ferry Terminal and Maritime Education Center in Erie, PA

Student: Nicholas Mobilia, thesis project 2010, Instructor: Christine Gorby

This project is a ferry terminal and maritime education center in the city of Erie, PA. Vertical axis wind turbines are placed at the parapet, oriented to the main wind direction. The turbines do not only contribute to covering the energy needs for the building but express poetically ideas of movement through wind.


Main Wind Directions and Project Model


Partial Elevation and Section including Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Tower in New York City, NY

Student: Peter Gibfried, thesis project 2009, Instructor: Katsu Muramoto

The wind turbine tower is part of the larger thesis project “Interface Architecture” by Peter Gibfried. It is located on the Hudson River Pier 25, directly north of Battery Park, and combines the Port of Auhtority’s proposal to transform the pier into a green space and recreation area with an investigation of how to design architectural means of communication and interaction to create a more intimate relationship with its users. The turbine towers utilizes the windflow on the river that is stronger and more constant than between the buildings.


Perspectives of the Wind Turbine Tower and Site Plan at the Hudson River, New York City, NY

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