2014 Penn State Collegiate Wind Competition Team

Remote Wind PSU logo.

Who We Are

Remote Wind Power Systems Unit (PSU) is Penn State’s team in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition. We consist of students who specialize in different facets of the competition, from aerospace engineers and mechanical engineers to students working on finance and communications. Our goal is to create an innovative product that acts as a viable option in sustainable energy.

What We Do

During this inaugural year of the DOE Collegiate Wind Competition, the goal is to design and build a portable, lightweight wind turbine that can power a small electronic device.

Learn More

Visit the DOE Collegiate Wind Competition website for breaking news, an overview of the competition, and a complete list of rules.

Competition Results

The Competition took place May 5-7, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. The Penn State Remote Wind PSU team placed 1st Overall! We also placed 1st in the Market Issues category, tied for 2nd in the Business Plan competition, 2nd in the Design Review, and 4th in the Wind Tunnel Testing. Congrats to all of the teams on a successful event!

Group of students posing with awards.

The Remote Wind PSU team stands with their awards, including a special edition LEGO set, the wind tunnel test turbine and their market turbine model. Team members, from left to right, are Ken Palamara, Bridget Dougherty, Nick Ward, Kody Veit, Armstrong Liu, Peter Tarantowicz, Justin Lehrer, Greg Liptak, Mike Popp, Jake Lampenfield and Parth Patel. Image credit: Brian Wallace.

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