NREL photo of wind turbine

Penn State has the broad multidisciplinary expertise needed to advance the economical and environmentally responsible development of wind power around the world.

We are Penn State Wind

Pennsylvania is an emerging leader in wind energy in the eastern U.S., due to the presence of a good wind resource, incentives provided by the state government, and the growing number of wind-based companies associated with these factors. Pennsylvania is also close to many contemplated offshore sites along the Atlantic coast. Gamesa, a major player in the global wind energy business, has located its U.S. headquarters in Pennsylvania ( Philadelphia), and has built several wind farms in the state.

Penn State has significant capabilities in the traditional technical aspects of wind turbines: aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, blade and rotor design, drivetrains, generators, foundations, condition monitoring, and grid connection. Much of this expertise was developed in cooperation with industry and university partners, and directed towards applications to helicopter and ships. Penn State also has significant capabilities to advance the state of the art for future systems. We also bring social science and policy research interests to bear on issues associated with human factors, siting, community and economic development.

Banner image by Dennis Schroeder / NREL