Collegiate Wind Turbine Competition

Current Year Competition

  • Competition will take place at Windpower 2018, Chicago, IL, May 7-10
  • 2018 Rules & Requirements
  • The team is composed of a wide variety of majors including Engineers, Business, and any students interested in wind energy and entrepreneurship of new product development.¬† As of January 2018, we have over 50 students involved in the competition activities across 17 majors!
  • We are engaging in several outreach activities:
    • 2017 Rotor STEM day
    • Tour for stEMPOWERed Girls program
    • Tour for Environmental Science class from Mifflin County High School
    • Volunteering to help with upcoming 2018 PA KidWind Challenge

Previous Years Competition 

  • 1st in 2014 Collegiate Wind Competition


  • 3rd in 2015 Collegiate Wind Competition Technical Challenge
  • 1st in 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition


  • 1st in 2017 Collegiate Wind Competition Technical Challenge