Costs & Funding

The Skystream installation will likely cost on the order of $20,000 -$30,000. The variation is dependent on the height of the tower selected, the distance across which the turbine must be interconnected (length of wire), and potential costs involved with permitting. To achieve this, it is essential that a certified Skystream installer be used and we can help make suggestions for dealers/installers in your area.

It may be possible to pull together in kind contributions for some of the materials and labor involved in the installation (if it is a part of a larger public works project, this might not be possible). The following website provides an approximate bill of materials needed for the installation: Kansas Wind for Schools cost estimate. (Note that the Kansas program funding sources will be different than Pennsylvania).

Funding Ideas

Local businesses might find interest in an up front purchase of “green certificates” from the renewable power generation over the life of the project. Other state WfS programs have had success in selling these for $2500.

A few potential funding opportunities that have been successful in other programs are listed below for consideration: